You may be wondering if a wedding film is right for you. I understand firsthand the stress that goes into planning a wedding having been there myself. If you can imagine 10, 20, 30 years down the line when your memories have begun to fade, how will you look back on your wedding day? All the kisses, songs, smiles, faces, sounds, textures and details that make up the day are only hinted at in photographs. A wedding film is a time-machine that places you and generations to come right in the middle of the magic. When I watch my own wedding film, I am not only transported to one of the happiest days of my life but I’m also greeted with moments I never got to experience firsthand being caught up in the duties of the day.

I know you have many options when it comes to choosing your wedding filmmaker. If you’re reading this, it’s likely that you relate to my style and dig what you see. If so, reach out and we’ll go from there. Depending on a few factors like date, wedding size and my availability, I’m open to discussing your budget and confident we can work together.

2018/2019 Pricing
The Feature starts at $3600
The Starlet starts at $2900

Q. What does a Cinematic Wedding Film include?
A. The Feature and The Starlet packages both include a long-form documentary style edit. The Feature covers both the bride & groom getting ready, family & friends arriving, the groom’s face during bridal entrance, a full shot of the bride during entrance, the entire ceremony, cake cutting, bouquet toss, full speeches and reception. Because The Starlet is shot by a single filmmaker, it includes all of the aforementioned coverage except the groom getting ready and the groom’s face during bridal entrance.

This full-length film varies in length from 45 - 60 minutes and is HD.

Q. What’s in the Highlight Reel?
A. The Highlight Reel, included with all three packages, is a 5-10 minute trailer encapsulating the energy and excitement of your wedding day. Hosted online for 1 year, it’s super easy to share with friends and family and you'll be able to experience the day whenever your heart desires.

Q: Where are you based?
A: Brooklyn, NYC

Q: Do you travel out of state and if so do you charge a fee?
A: I love to travel! Travel fees typically consist of airfare and/or gas and modest accommodation for 2-3 nights.

Q: Do you do destination and international weddings?
A: You better believe it! I’ll fly anywhere to shoot your special day and am a seasoned globetrotter.

Q: Why is wedding videography so expensive?
A: After a full day of shooting, I spend a month editing your film into something you’ll treasure for a lifetime. I’ve invested over 30k in the gear, software, and insurance that I use to create and protect your footage. I've dedicated years to honing my skills and have a master's degree in film because my passion for the craft is endless. Wedding filmmaking is a huge, detailed, and time consuming process which usually requires two cameras for total coverage. If I didn’t charge what I did, the film would suffer. I know that you'll continue to enjoy this document of your love for years to come.

Reach out!